Causeway Aero’s investment in engineering puts design and development at the core of their business. Causeway’s engineering team provide a highly agile end-to-end Engineering Solution with Design, Stress, Certification and Tech Pubs in-house. Their ability to add value at all levels across design and manufacture ensures product support through development and into service.

New investment in R&D, systems, processes and software keeps Causeway Aero at the leading edge of design and the continuous development of the team.

Engagement with customers’ engineers means Causeway can successfully deliver quality, cost-effective solutions on time.


For aerospace companies around the globe, Causeway Aero designs and analyses structures for the next generation of products. With engineering at the very foundation of the company and an embedded a rigorous and professional culture, Causeway encourages the creative abilities of its engineers while at the same time providing a robust framework to uphold the demanding quality and delivery standards.


Engineering is a skill which takes many years of practice to become proficient. It is also a discipline which requires state of the art analysis and CAD tools to deliver reliable designs. Causeway is proud of the breadth and depth of technological savvy and experience their team of staff engineers and specialist contractors bring to the table. It gives us the confidence to bid, win and deliver on time, on-budget and to the required high standard that the demanding work that customers require.


Causeway Aero designs and delivers exciting and diverse programmes of work across a range of markets globally. With specialist expertise and the capability to manage complex and integrated programmes they can meet customer, schedule, cost and quality requirements.


Procurement should be a catalyst for innovation; bringing together, nurturing and fostering a more collaborative approach harnessing the power of the purchasing cycle.Causeway has taken a fresh approach to supply chain collaboration. The company has the ability to bring the supply chain together under a single banner, truly understanding the total cost and providing an opportunity to manage the procurement process.

Causeway excels and plays a significant role in bringing clarity, understanding and control to the purchasing process. With the ability to be as meticulous in the manufacturing process as procurement should be in the purchasing process, Causeway empowers the supply chain and looks for opportunities to make things better, improve designs, change processes and behaviour.

The complexities and diversity of the components required can be immense at times particularly when across a similarly diverse supply chain. Procurement has to meet the needs of its internal customers and the end-to-end supply chain, bringing rigour and diligence to the purchasing cycle. At Causeway the procurement process is just as much as a critical component to the manufacturing process to delivering a quality product.


With a large manufacturing facility Causeway has the ability to not only manufacture but assembly parts. The company has a number of ongoing programmes.

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“I’ve no doubt in my mind that one of the key decisions for Pitch was not only Causeway Aero’s ability to deliver quality and on time every time, but also the experience of Northern Ireland’s supply chain. We have some of the best engineering and manufacturing companies in Northern Ireland; suffice to say the proof is in their delivery, quality and performance year on year.”

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